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Kickstart your IT career by becoming proficient in the most popular programming language worldwide with a Python certification course. Prepzee offers training designed by experienced professionals in the industry to help you master the language. Among other Python programming concepts like Conditional Statements, File Operations, Sequences, modules, and functions, learn Web maps, GUI programming, data operations, and various libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. The Python course prepares you to pass the PCAP, PCEP, and PCPP Python certification exams which help you become a certified developer. 

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Python Training Key Features

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About Profession

The Python training course equips you with the skills to become a certified developer.

Web Scraping
Sequence and file operations
Writing Python Scripts

Future of Python online course

  • Up to 59% average salary hike
    Highest salary offered
  • 40 LPA Highest salary
    Highest salary offered

What You will Learn?

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    Introduction to cloud computing and Python

    In this Python online training, Along with an introduction to cloud computing, learn why programming is needed. Get familiar with Python basics and its programming concepts such as Loops, OOPs, functions, file operations, conditional statements handling exceptions, and various libraries like Pandas, Matpotlib, and NumPy.

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    Functions and object-oriented programming

    Learn to work with functions and concepts of object-oriented programming. Understand user-defined functions and their parameters, arguments, types, and variables. The module also includes creating the Lambda function and inheritance and its types.

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    Data manipulation using Panda

    Gain a thorough knowledge of manipulating data in Panda. With introduction, learn of Panda data structures. Learn data frame functionality, clean data, and combine data from data sets. The module also includes importing and exporting files in Python and basic functionalities of the data object.

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    Python Certification

    The curriculum of Python course online, designed by industry professionals, is in accordance with the real-world requirements of the corporate world. Other than general guidelines, you will have help with preparing a resume, potential interview questions, mock interviews, and a reliable certification to go with it.

Skills Covered

Placement Overview

  • 8.4 Lakhs
    Average CTC offered
  • 9 Days
    Placement time
  • Upto 350%
    Salary hike

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Neerav Jain

Amazon Authorised Instructor
4.9 Average Rating

12+ Years in Cloud

Microsoft, Adobe & AWS certified young and dynamic professional with 14+ years of industry experience. Trained 8200+ professionals, and counting, on all cloud technologies including AWS, Azure and GCP, DevOps, AEM, iOS, UI/UX, Digital Marketing & advanced Front End and Backend development technologies.

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Sidharth Kanan

Microsoft Certified Trainer
Average Rating

As a Data Engineer, I have 15+ yrs experience working on different cloud environments on various projects.I currently lead multi-work stream projects as a Cloud analyst and DevOps Engineer. Technologies I work on AWS, AZURE,Git hub, Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes ,Python ,Data Science On Azure and many more.

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Manohar G

Manager at HP
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Engaging, understanding, and knowledgeable technical trainer with over 14+ years of experience in a variety of software programs and technologies including Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, Business Intelligence AWS, Azure and GCP, DevOps, AEM, iOS, UI/UX.

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Pratik Kheria

Microsoft Certified Trainer
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Always learning and always yearning with experience of more than 10+ yrs, have delivered more than 200+ mentoring/ training sessions online on Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services, Cyber Security, Python, Tableau and Power BI to more than 20000 students.

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    36 Hrs Instructor-Led Training
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    24 Projects Industry Cases
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1.1: Introduction to cloud computing 

1.2: Why is programming needed

1.3: Advantages of programming

1.4: Overview of Python

1.5: Organizations using Python

1.6: Python Applications in various domains

1.7: Variables

1.8: Operands and expressions

1.9: Conditional statements

1.10: Loops

1.11: Structural pattern matching


  • Creating the “hello world” code
  • Numbers in Python
  • Demonstrating conditional statements
  • Demonstrating loops
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2.1: Accepting user input and eval function

2.2: Files input/output functions

2.3: Tuples

2.4: Lists

2.5: Strings manipulation

2.6: Sets and set operations

2.7: Python dictionary


  • File handling
  • Creating tuples, list
  • Creating dictionary
  • Working with sets
  • Working with strings
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3.1: User-defined functions

3.2: Parameters of Function

3.3: Different types of arguments

3.4: Global keyword

3.5: Global variables

3.6: Lambda functions

3.7: Built-in functions

3.8: Object-oriented concepts

3.9: Private, protected, and public attributes

3.10: Class variable and instance variable

3.11: Constructor and destructor

3.12: Inheritance and types of inheritance

3.13: Method resolution order

3.14: Overloading and overriding

3.15: Getter and setter methods


  • Working with functions
  • Using built-in functions
  • Creating lambda functions
  • Inheritance case study
  • Implementing object-oriented concepts
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4.1: Standard libraries

4.2: Packages and import statements

4.3: Reload function

4.4: Creating a module

4.5: Important modules in Python

4.6: Sys module

4.7: OS module

4.8: Date-time module

4.9: Math module

4.10: JSON module

4.11: Random module

4.12: Regular expression

4.13: Exception handling


  • Working with packages and modules
  • Creating regular expressions
  • Handling errors and exceptions
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5.1: Basics of data analysis

5.2: NumPy – Arrays

5.3: Array operations

5.4: Indexing, slicing, and Iterating

5.5: NumPy array attributes

5.6: Matrix product

5.7: NumPy functions

5.8: Array manipulation

5.9: File handling using NumPy


  • Matrix Product and aggregate functions using Numpy
  • Array Creation and logic functions
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6.1: Introduction to Pandas

6.2: Data structures in Pandas

6.3: Series

6.4: Data Frames

6.5: Importing and exporting files in Python

6.6: Basic functionalities of a data object

6.7: Merging of data objects

6.8: Pivoting a data frame

6.9: Concatenation of data objects

6.10: Types of joins on data objects

6.11: Data cleaning using Pandas

6.12: Exploring datasets


  • Functionality of series
  • The Functionality of data frame
  • Combining data from a dataset
  • Data cleaning
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7.1: Why data visualization?

7.2: Seaborn

7.3: Matplotlib library

7.4: Line plots

7.5: Multiline plots

7.6: Bar plot

7.7: Pie chart

7.8: Histogram

7.9: Boxplot

7.10: Scatter plot

7.11: Saving charts

7.10: Customizing visualizations

7.11: Saving plots

7.12: Subplots

7.13: Heatmaps

7.14: Grids


  • Plotting different types of charts
  • Customizing visualizations using Matplotlib
  • Customizing visualizations and subplots
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8.1: Ipywidgets package

8.2: Boolean widgets

8.3: Numeric widgets

8.4: String widgets

8.5: Selection widgets

8.6: Color picker

8.7: Date picker

8.8: Container widgets

8.9: Creating a GUI application


  • Creating GUI elements
  • Creating an application containing GUI elements
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9.1: Use of Pandas library

9.2: Use of Folium library

9.3: Developing web map using Folium and Pandas

9.4: Flow Chart of web map application

9.5: Reading Information from a titanic dataset and representing it using plots


  • Creating web map
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10.1: Beautiful Soup library

10.2: Requests library

10.3: Scrapy

10.4: Scrap All hyperlinks from a webpage using Beautiful Soup and Requests

10.5: Plotting scatterplots using Bokeh

10.6: Plotting charts using Bokeh

10.7: Face detection using OpenCV

10.8: Image editing using OpenCV

10.9: Motion detection and capturing video


  • Face detection
  • Web scraping
  • Motion detection
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11.1: Basics of database management
11.2: Python MySql
11.3: Create a database
11.4: Create a table
11.5: Insert into table
11.6: Select query
11.7: Where clause
11.8: OrderBy clause
11.9: Delete query
11.10: Drop table
11.11: Update query
11.12: Limit clause
11.13: Join and Self-Join
11.14: MongoDB (Unstructured)
11.15: Insert_one query
11.16: Insert_many query
11.17: Update_one query
11.18: Update_many query
11.19: Create_index query
11.20: Drop_index query
11.21: Delete and drop collections
11.22: Limit query


CRUD operations using MongoDB and Python MySql

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Python Online course is one of the most popular programming languages worldwide and an excellent choice for anyone who aspires to be a web developer. Prepzee offers a carefully crafted course. With this training, you gain proficiency in various Python concepts such as Loops, OOPs, handling exceptions, modules, and functions. You will learn from the curriculum designed by industry experts, work on assignments bit-by-bit, and work on real-time, highly relevant projects. The training equips you to confidently apply for jobs in leading MNCs of the world at impressive pay. With Prepzee Python online training, you get lifetime access to course materials, videos, 24/7 support, and updated versions of the course, minus extra fees. It is undoubtedly a wise one-time investment.

    Prepzee offers 24/7 support to resolve queries. You raise the issue with the support team at any time. You can also opt for email assistance for all your requests. If not, a one-on-one session can also be arranged with the team. This session is, however, only provided for six months starting from your course date.

    All Python certified experts at Prepzee have over twelve years of experience relevant to the industry. They are rightfully the experts on the subject matter, given that they have been actively working in the domain as consultants. You can check out the sample videos to ease your doubts.

    Prepzee provides active assistance for job placement to all candidates who have completed the training successfully. Additionally, we help candidates prepare for résumé and job interviews. We have exclusive tie-ups with reputed companies.

    Projects included in the training program are updated and hold high relevance and value in the real world. Projects help you apply the acquired learning in real-world industry structures. Training involves several projects that test practical knowledge, understanding, and skills. High-tech domains like e-commerce, networking, marketing, insurance, banking, sales, etc., make for the subjects of the projects you will work on. After completing the Projects, your skills will be synonymous with months of meticulous industry experience.

    Prepzee's Course Completion Certificate is awarded once the training program is completed, along with working on assignments, real-world projects, and quizzes, with a least 60 percent score in the qualifying exam.

    Actually, no. Our job assistance program intends to help you land the job of your dreams. The program offers opportunities to explore competitive vacancies in the corporates and look for a job that pays well and matches your profile and skill set. The final hiring decision will always be based on how you perform in the interview and the recruiter's requirements.